NOMAD Laboratory

NOMAD OASIS (Beta Version)

Your local, self-contained NOMAD server for managing your lab's data, FAIRification, and analytics by Artificial Intelligence tools

Key Features

The NOMAD Oasis is characterized by the following key features: NOMAD_General_Structure_1

  • Runs fully independent of external sources, also behind strong firewalls
  • Provides full access to the data of the central NOMAD server; copies all that data and ensures regular synchronization
  • Provides flexibility for adjustments and advancements towards users' local, domain-specific, individual needs to acquire, manage, and analyze their data
  • Enables the user to contribute their data and tools to the central NOMAD server in a convenient way (if they wish to do so)
  • Provides a Graphical User Interface (GUI) for characterizing materials according to all available quantities stored at the central NOMAD server and/or the Oasis
  • Integrates all AI tools from the NOMAD Artificial-Intelligence Toolkit; AI-guided workflows coming soon;
  • Offers a forum of users and developers for exchange and optimization of developments and selection of tools to be integrated next (coming soon)

Obtaining the NOMAD Oasis

Thank you for your interest in the NOMAD Oasis! We are happy to provide you with the software and user manual, and we look forward to you becoming part of our active NOMAD community. 

NOMAD Oasis is free of charge for academic use; for a license agreement in industrial /commercial use, please contact us.

We hope that the NOMAD Oasis will be a useful and productive tool for your research and that we will advance its services together! In case you have further questions or special requirements, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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