NOMAD Laboratory

Project Executive Group

Providing scientific leadership

The coordinator chairs the Project Executive Group (PEG), consisting of the coordinator and deputy, the spokespersons of the three topical Pillars, plus the leader of the co-design work package. This PEG meets monthly and provides scientific leadership and direction for the project, and ensures that the major scientific challenges are addressed in a coherent and integrated manner.

The PEG members are as follows:

Coordinator: Matthias Scheffler

Deputy Coordinator: Claudia Draxl

Pillar 1: Andreas Grüneis & Claudia Draxl

Pillar 2: Geoffroy Hautier & Kristian Sommer Thygesen

Pillar 3: James Kermode, Matthias Scheffler & Luca Ghiringhelli

Co-Design: Albert Farres & Jose Maria Cela