Feb 10, 2017

NOMAD Second Industry Meeting

06 - 07 Feb 2017, we held our second Industry meeting in Hamburg at the Centre for Free Electron Laser Science.

The NOMAD team met with industry representatives to present our work from the first 15 months of the project, and to discuss our plans for the coming year. We sought feedback on how to further develop the NOMAD EncyclopediaBig-Data Analytics Toolkit and Advanced Graphics. We also had presentations from industry to learn more about their requirements, including Dr. Jürgen Spitaler (Materials Center Leoben Forschung GmbH), Dr. Michael Klinge (Springer Material, Springer Verlag Heidelberg), Dr. Praveen Pankajakshan (Shell), Dr. Sorin Filip (BP Formulate Products Technology, Research & Innovation) and Dr. Erich Wimmer (Materials Design). Following the meeting with industry representatives, we met with our Industry Advisory Committee to hear their thoughts on the progress and future directions of the CoE.