Mar 8, 2017

PRACE-NOMAD Remote Visualization workshop

NOMAD is hosting a Remote Visualization workshop in collaboration with PRACE, 24 April 2017 in München.

If you'd like to join, you can email

The workshop will cover a range of topics and is open to the public.


09:30-11:00 Basics of Remote Visualisation

  • Motivation and Problem Statement
  • Problems
  • Technical approaches
  • Applications

11:00-11:15 break

11:15-12:00 Web-based Remote Visualisation

  • noVNC
  • XPRA

13:00-14:30 Securing Userspaces with Containers

  • Docker
  • LXC
  • Hardware access (GPU)

14:30-14:45 break

14:45-15:30 3D-Scotty*

  • Technical background
  • Prototype

15:30 - 15:45 Discussion and Roundup

* 3D-Scotty is the configuration which allows 3DScover (genome visualization sofware from the MrSymbioMath project which runs in Linux-PC) to be run without modifications using remote visualization (virtual GL).