Mar 10, 2017

NOMAD Encyclopedia Coding Parties

Development of the NOMAD Encyclopedia is a complex task that requires an interdisciplinary team of people, with expertise in physics, chemistry, materials science, computer science, software engineering, user experience and web design. To effectively develop the Encyclopedia, face-to-face meetings and team-work are crucial. And the work should be enjoyable too!

So, we had a Coding Party at the Humboldt University of Berlin (HUB). From 09 - 13 Jan 2017, we programmed together and fine-tuned the Encyclopedia. The party was extremely fruitful, so we decided to have similar meetings more often. A second Coding Party was held 06 - 09 March 2017, again at HUB. During this second event, the team also visited the Fritz Haber Institute, meeting NOMAD Archive and Analytics developers and planning future interactions between the Archive, Analytics and Encyclopedia teams.

Coding together

Meeting of Archive, Analytics and Encyclopedia Teams