Jul 10, 2017

New Tools Developed at the 2nd NOMAD Hackathon

The second NOMAD Hackathon, held 3 - 5 July 2017 at the Fritz Haber Institute, Berlin, was another great success!

There were 25 attendees in total and there was an exciting, community-building
atmosphere. We focused on developing the following tools:

• a GUI for Elastic-Search queries over the Archive,
• a user-friendly browser of the json files resulting from a query over the Archive,
• a framework for allowing users to submit a job from an Analytics Toolkit notebook on an HPC cluster,
• a tool to present default, flexible statistics to users as part of query results,
• a framework for adding new metadata,
• a tool for handling “cube” files, containing volumetric data (scalar fields),
• an OpenKIM-Repository Interface for NOMAD,
• a Kubernetes-only deployment of the Archive and Analytics infrastructure, in order to prepare for
transfer to cloud-like services, and
• a tool/tutorial for the prediction of band-gaps of crystals.