August 8, 2017

Repository Maintenance

On Wednesday, 9th August there will be a short maintenance of the NOMAD Repository. From 8.30 a.m. on, the Repository will be not available for a short time.

August 30, 2016

Upload from MedeA to NoMaD:

With the recent release of MedeA 2.20, uploads of calculations to the NoMaD Repository are now possible directly from the MedeA modeling suite. This functionality makes uploading even simpler.

June 3, 2016

New features in Search & Download:

The results of a search are now more clearly presented. In particular, all entries with the same metadata are grouped. This concerns, for example, all the individual calculations of a volume optimization. The number of corresponding entries is displayed in a new column. All these calculations can be accessed individually by the new download functionality: All open-access files, including auxiliary files, can now be dowloaded individually.

June 19, 2015

NoMaD Movies

You can find movies on the general concept and a basic tutorial about how to use NoMaD at youtube.

May 20, 2015

NoMaD recommended by Nature Scientific Data

We are pleased to announce that the NoMaD (Novel Materials Discovery) Repository ( is now officially recommended by Nature Publishing Group’s open access data journal Scientific Data (

Scientific Data offers a new article type, the ‘Data Descriptor’, which has been specifically designed to publish peer-reviewed research data in an accessible way, so as to facilitate its interpretation and reuse. Publishing Data Descriptors enables data producers and curators to gain appropriate credit for their work, whilst also promoting reproducible research. The main goals of this journal are tightly aligned with that of NoMaD, focusing on making the data publicly accessible and encouraging re-use.

Today NoMaD joins approximately 60 other data repositories from across the entire scientific spectrum as the first one from the materials-science community. NoMaD is now recommended by Scientific Data to its authors for providing stable archiving and long-term preservation of materials data. From today researchers have the opportunity to deposit materials data to NoMaD, whilst submitting a Data Descriptor to Scientific Data. NoMaD provides peer reviewers with full (and confidential) access to the data during the review process. Upon publication, NoMaD will ensure the data is made freely accessible and preserved for the long term benefit of the research community.

We’re delighted to be working with Nature Publishing Group on this open initiative. We invite the materials data producing community to share their data by submitting them to NoMaD, gain credit for their data by submitting a Data Descriptor to Scientific Data, and contribute to this exciting open data effort.


Previous announcements

April 21, 2015

NoMaD registered at re3data

The NoMaD Repository is about joining eudat.


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